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Tiny Visions API



Tiny Visions collects official and artist-endorsed videos, only. Fan-made videos are beyond the scope of this project.


Multiple versions of a music video can exist. To be counted as a version, a music video must:

  • be performed by the same entity
  • contain the same rendition of the song

Beatnik by The Clean

Beatnik is an original song by The Clean, with a single music video.
versionCount is 1.

Beatnik by Head Like A Hole

A cover of the original song does not count as a version. However, two unique music videos exist for this recording.
versionCount is 2.

Filter for “beatnik”


Versions of a video

{ "data": [ { "type": "videos", "id": "166d59ae-d560-4aac-a367-98e9b98b0ad8", "attributes": { "songTitle": "Beatnik (V1)", "versionCount": 2, "versionName": "Beatnik (V1)", "versionNumber": 1, "artists": [ { "name": "Head Like A Hole" } ] } }, { "type": "videos", "id": "189c1b8a-e525-4fd4-a4fb-5c39a5012700", "attributes": { "songTitle": "Beatnik (V2)", "versionCount": 2, "versionName": "Beatnik (V2)", "versionNumber": 2, "artists": [ { "name": "Head Like A Hole" } ] } }, { "type": "videos", "id": "24e284aa-c7f3-49cd-9e92-f437fce35f90", "attributes": { "songTitle": "Beatnik", "versionCount": 1, "versionName": null, "versionNumber": 1, "artists": [ { "name": "The Clean" } ] } } ] }