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Tiny Visions API




JPG and WebP image formats are available for all asset paths.


Four sizes are available per image: small, medium, large, and raw.


All image sizes are optimised for web, except raw.

No hotlinking please

Images should be served from your own server. Hotlinking via the API is not supported.


3rd-party sources of streaming media are provided, where available, as an optional parameter to the Videos resource.


source is either vimeo or youtube.

Source ID

sourceID values are identifiers for a source stream.

Best version

The best quality version is indicated by isPrimary.

Stream sources

{ "sources": [ { "source": "vimeo", "sourceId": "21054604", "isPrimary": 1 }, { "source": "youtube", "sourceId": "d-LKa1Y9_ok", "isPrimary": 0 } ] }

3rd-party streams only

Tiny Visions does not host or stream video content. 3rd-party video streaming sources are indicated, when available.

External resources

URLs for related resources are available as an optional parameter for the Entities resource. These resources are selected for authority, durability and persistence.


A NZ On Air-funded online directory for New Zealand’s popular music history.

NZ on Screen

A NZ on Air-funded online directory for NZ moving image.

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

A New Zealand audio-visual archive.


The world’s largest online music database.


Albums must have at least one related music video in the Tiny Visions database to be available.