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Tiny Visions API



Credits connect Entities and Videos.

Each credit is treated as a unique object. Entities may have multiple credits across multiple videos and/or for the same video.

Entities credits

Returns all videos an entity has a credit for.

Videos credits

Returns all entities credited to a video.

Credits data

The following values are captured:


A description of the role credited to an entity.


Additional commentary about a credit associated with a specific video.


Indicates hierarchy if creditType is shared with another entity for the same video.

Include credits

{ "included": [ { "type": "credits", "id": "15bc0b92-19a1-406b-ab07-e5fd4e1dbb52", "attributes": { "creditType": "director", "creditNotes": null, "isPrimary": 1, "video": {} } } ] }

Shared credits

Entities can share the same video credit. Consider a video with:

  • the primary artist
  • a guest vocalist

Each entity will receive an Artist credit type. To help determine which artist is primary, a value of 1 or 0 is set for isPrimary.

Video with guest artist

{ "songTitle": "Drive", "artists": [ { "id": "1b9d1a93-0a7f-423e-b457-8281f7c0b679", "reference": "TV36741026", "name": "Bic Runga", "slug": "bic-runga", "isPrimary": 0 }, { "id": "3c0632bb-7c4e-44a9-9a6d-889f09036b44", "reference": "TV23973360", "name": "Strawpeople", "slug": "strawpeople", "isPrimary": 1 } ] }