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Tiny Visions API



Individuals, groups, or other named bodies are classified as Entities. Tiny Visions collects data for all known entities related to the existence of a music video.


Multiple versions of an entity can exist. To be counted as a version, an entity must:

  • have undergone a name change
  • identify as the same project


Artist name used from 1998–2001, 2005+.


Artist name used from 2002–2004.


Entity names are recorded as of the time a video is released. If an entity changes its name, credits are attributed to the name in use at the time of a video release.

Associating versions

Tags are used to associate alternate versions of an entity.

Filter for “pacifier”


Has a primary entity

{ "data": [ { "type": "entities", "id": "1ccaa7a2-3fba-4359-9fd8-ee427ecf5e3a", "attributes": { "reference": "TV12298178", "name": "Pacifier", "slug": "pacifier", "url": null, "profile": null }, "relationships": { "tags": { "data": { "type": "tags", "id": "cb150b92-1a91-406b-ab07-e5fd4e1dbb52" } } } } ], "included": [ { "type": "tags", "id": "cb150b92-1a91-406b-ab07-e5fd4e1dbb52", "attributes": { "tagName": "Shihad", "tagSlug": "shihad", "tagType": "isPrimaryEntity", "tagDescription": null } } ] }